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At Create Studios in Leicester, we offer rooms for hire for one off events and regular bookings. Whether you are looking to hold a dance class, a toddler class, are looking for a space to hold music lessons or would like band rehearsal space, we have several suitable spaces. We also can hold children's parties and have space for photography and videography and meetings. There is generally a 3 hour minimum booking for weekends. Please include as much information as possible about what you are looking for and we will get back to you asap. Please note that we can take up to a week to answer enquiries. If you do need an answer quickly, please give us a call on TEL: 07976743858

  • Can I hold a regular class?
    Yes, we do have many regular bookings here. We have hosted all sorts of baby and toddler groups, exercise classes, dance classes, Yoga, Pilates and more. We are always on the look out for new classes to join our diverse timetable and there is a very active community of people in the Clarendon Park Road area always looking out for new things to try in the area.
  • What rooms do you have available?
    We have 4 spaces available to hire. All sizes are listed above. Studio 5 is our biggest studio. Studio 5 and studio 1 are our dance studios with mirrored walls but are suitable for all sorts of classes. Studio 2 is our fully equipped music room
  • How do I book?
    We do ask if you could send us a message with as much information as possible on what kind of class you are looking to hold and ideal times and dates. We can then let you know what we have available and advise you on costs. We usually invoice for classes in blocks of 6. Once you have your preferred dates and times booked in, you will always get offered these times going forward in place of any other enquires that we have coming in. All classes and events that involve the public other than private functions will need to have liability insurance.
  • Will you help to promote my classes?
    One of the advantages of holding your regular classes here at Create Studios is that we will actively help to promote you. You will get your class listed on our website. We will also actively promote you across our social media channels and have a dedicated WhatsApp group that you can join so you can send us regular updates and images to assist with this. We have a board that is put outside the studio each day with posters from all of our classes. and there is a tv screen in the courtyard that shows all classes we have on.
  • What are your prices?
    Studio's do start at £20p/h but prices do depend on what studio you are looking to book and when. Weekends are slightly more expensive than weekdays. For regular classes, we do try our best to help you out as much as possible and can sometimes offer introductory rates whilst you get yourselves established. For the most accurate quote, we suggest you send us a message giving us as much detail as possible regarding what you're looking for.
  • Can I book for a child's birthday party?
    You can hire studio 5 for children's birthday parties. This is a self contained studio with its own toilets and kitchen area. We can accommodate bouncy castles up to 8ft height. We can provide tables and chairs, lights and speakers.
  • I am a dancer and looking for somewhere to rehearse.
    We have two studios available with mirrored walls. Studio 1 also has a Harlequin sprung dance floor. You can book by the hour to have a space to rehearse either individually or in small groups. You can read more about this here
  • I am looking to host an event
    Depending on your event, you may be able to hire one of our spaces. In the past we have had performances, yoga workshops, painting events and showcases. Please send us a message with as much detail as possible and we will let you know if Create Studios are suitable.
  • I need a place for photography/videography
    We often have people here for photography and videography. We can do bookings by the hour or by the day. Please send us a message with more information and desired dates/times and we will get back to you.
  • We are a band looking for rehearsal space
    We have a fully equipped music room suitable for band practise or individual rehearsals. You can read more on this here
  • I am looking for a meeting space
    You can hire our rooms for one off meetings, or regular seminars, talks and workshops. We have round and rectangular tables available that can be set up with various configurations and also have a screen and projector available.
  • Parking
    We are on a small residential street. One of the advantages of booking with us, is that there are no expensive parking charges that you would find in the city centre. There is a residents parking scheme active between 9.30am and 10.30am on weekdays. If you will be here between those times, you can purchase a visitors parking permit for just £1 directly from us. We are also very close to several bus routes with drop offs on both Queens Road and Welford Road where you would have just a few minute walk to the Create Studios.
  • T&C of Booking
    Your dates may not be guaranteed until your invoice has been paid, unless different payment terms have already been agreed. Thanks for your booking with Create Studios. T&C - If this is the first time booking with us, we will need payment within 5 days of your invoice being sent to you. For re-occuring bookings, payment is due within 5 days of your invoice being issued unless different payment terms have already been agreed. It is your responsibility to contact us to book any further dates with us. Only dates that have been booked and invoiced for are guaranteed. Please ensure you include our invoice reference numbers on all payments to us and make payments directly to the account details that will be sent to you with your invoice and not directly through the invoice. If you need time to set up/pack away, you will need to book this as additional time as we will need you to promptly vacate the room for the next bookings. We reserve the right to charge for any bookings that overrun. Please ensure you leave the room clean & tidy and take all rubbish with you. We reserve the right to invoice you for a cleaning fee if we deem the room to be left in an unsatisfactory condition. We hold no responsibility to the safety of any third party equipment and the organisers need to make sure all equipment is safe to use. Areas must be checked prior to the event to ensure all areas are safe and relevant for the event taking place. All classes and events that involve the public other than private functions need to have liability insurance. Any equipment stored must be granted by the Create team first and made aware that our insurance does not cover 3rd party equipment All building users are requested to leave quietly and respect the rights of neighbours in the residential area. Many neighbours will still be working from home on zoom etc so please respect this, please do not allow people to congregate in the courtyard or outside the gates on the street. We would appreciate no smoking near the vicinity of the studios as we have alot of children coming in and out and we try and encourage a healthy environment for all. You are responsible for all people that you have at Create Studio under your booking. Any damage or breakages will need to be paid for. If you do have a regular booking with us, and do need to cancel, unfortunately no refunds can be made on these dates as we will have refused other bookings to accommodate your regular slots. For one off bookings, we do require at least 2 weeks notice for any cancellations, in which case we will allow you to transfer your booking to another date. Unfortunately, anything less than 2 weeks notice, you will lose your booking and will not be able to transfer to another slot. No refunds will be given on any cancelled bookings. You agree to only use the room space for the purpose described at the time of booking and not exceeding the amount of people agreed upon. If we find that the numbers of people exceed the agreed amount, you may either be asked to leave. You also agree to only use the room you have hired out and not the other spaces. On rare occasions, we may need to relocate you to another suitable room. Eg on polling days and exam days. We would always give you prior notice of this and it would only be on very rare occasions. Please note that we are on a residential street. If you are arriving between 9.30am and 10.30am Monday – Friday please ask for a visitor permit. If there is anything you are unsure about or have any requirements, please contact us. We hope your event goes well and that you enjoy your time spent at Create
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